Miseries & Misfortunes

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Miseries & Misfortunes Game Master Record Sheet

My friends, I present to you a very early draft of a sheet on which the game master can track Mortal Coil, gnosis and other important information for characters. Les Fruit Malheureux_GM_sheet_r1.pdf (510.4 KB)

2 August 10, 2019
Miseries & Misfortunes Character Sheets

My friends, please find the latest version of the M&M character sheet: Les Fruit Malheureux_cs_v2_r6.pdf (566.3 KB) In addition, a sheet for recording the abilities of the supporting cast in your game: LFM_Supporting C…

2 August 10, 2019
Getting More Copies of Miseries and Misfortunes 3 August 9, 2019