10 Foot Pole, How I Miss Thee (And Other Items You Just Can't Hold Onto)

My GM, for whatever reason, seems to hate me with a 10’ pole. Every time I have gotten one he has taken it away from me the first chance he could via failed roll. It’s actually become a bit of a running gag that I’m going to go waste my money on a 10’ pole once again, since we all know he doesn’t like me having 6D Scout.

Does anyone else have GMs that LOVE taking away particular items from you, no matter how many times you get them?

Dude, you only had a 10-foot pole once, and it was taken once. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d rather lose a 10’ pole than gain injured…

Being hated with a 10’ pole sounds… uncomfortable. :shock:

No, it happened TWICE. Both for failing Scouting rolls.

I’d rather lose a 10’ pole than gain injured…

Oh don’t worry, that happened soon after. Multiple times. Our second session we almost died. We were fried, shredded, poisoned, and almost frozen to death within the same five minutes of play time. I’ve never seen looks that grave at a gaming session.

And, to be honest, considering that there’s only 2 people playing the game losing that 1D hurts a lot.

Being hated with a 10’ pole sounds… uncomfortable.

At this point it sounds preferable to some of the ways we’ve almost gone.

The one that kills me is when the GM uses a twist to take the Cartography tools from my character with the map-making Instinct. Ouch. They may not take up room in your pack, but they can still be lost. :frowning:

Worse, the magician or elf who whose traveling spell book gets taken…

yikes, I’d rather be injured.

Surely no GM would be so evil as to subject their characters to such torment but in the most dire of circumstances…

Hmm, that begs the question:

Should twists increase in severity in correlation with how the scene feels/dramatic tension or in relation to the difficulty of the Ob?

Entirely up the GM. Personally, I don’t care about the obstacle at all when it comes to determining a twist. For me, it’s only about what will make the situation at hand more interesting and entertaining.

See, we don’t have a cartographer, cause we had a player drop out on us, putting us at 2 players. So that pole was pretty much our lifeline for awhile. That extra dice is so important at two people…

Yes, that would suck!

  • RIP EverSwift…of the Elves!