A few minor glitches in the preview

page 9 of the pdf (page shows page 13): Resources are said to be rated from 1 to 10, but…
page 7 (11) shows a sample character with Resources 0, and page 14 (18) explicitly states starting resources 0.

page 12-13 (16-17)
“… you may increase or replace your home trait with …”
can I take this in addition to the hometown trait?

eg: got quick-witted from hometown, and jaded from nature… can I be both, or does jaded replace quick-witted?

I didn’t want to open a new thread, so here it goes:
[li]Under “What Is This Game About?”, the last paragraph switches from the previous second-person singular “you” to first-person plural “we”. It may be intentional, I just thought I’d point it out in case it isn’t.
[/li][li]I know it would be a tedious work to change the product’s punctuational strategy, but the APA standard would’ve been really helpful in some cases (I’m looking at “Structure of the Book”).
[/li][li]In “Dice and Terms”, it is not clear from the description whether 2D is equivalent to +2D or 2d6.
[/li][li]While Mentor uses “he or she”, Friend only uses “she” when referring to the character’s Mentor or Friend.

I’d personally say no, because the word “may” is in the sentence. If you don’t want either of the traits, they aren’t forced in you. If you like one more than the trait choice given to you from the homeland, then you can replace it. If you have a trait and the answers of your nature questions give the option of the trait again, you may increase your trait to the next level.

As written, those are your options.

“If you’d like to make edits or suggestions, you can send us your email and I’ll add you to a google docs spread sheet so we can track all the corrections.”


I’d prefer a Luke or Thor clarification, but lacking one, yeah, that’s how I’d read it.

Jaded would replace Quick-Witted.

Jaded would replace Quick-Witted.

Jaded would replace Quick-Witted.

Wow! Triplicate!

Thanks, Thor.

From the first page of the preview:

However, this game is not about being a hero.

A few paragraphs down…

The GM’s job is to transform the players’ adventurer characters into heroes.

Well, which is it? :smiley:

It’s not about being heroes, it’s about becoming heroes. Other games are about the act, this one is about the transformation.

From how the text sounds so far, it’s also more about people-who-aren’t-expecting-to-become-heroes becoming heroes.

“To The Players: You might become heroes, but that’s incidental, you are here to be murderhobos making a quick buck in a world where a quick buck doesn’t exist”

“To The GM: Trick these bloodthirsty cutthroats into being heroes. Good luck!”

So I did a little running of numbers and I was wondering if this was intended:

Each of the Demihuman races (Dwarves, Elves, and Halflings) end up with 15 skill points (16 or potentially 17 after the specialization) while Humans end up with 16 skill points (17 or 18 potentially ).

Is this intended? Or is this meant to balance out the idea that humans start with one trait instead of two?


Elves, dwarves and halflings get an extra wise.

Okay, but it’s still a little confusing. The game doesn’t seem to drive towards heroism; it drives towards exploration and survival.

Yeah, I found that too when burning my first character). Is it such a game breaker to add the trait? I mean it would be cool to have the option of adding versatility to your character instead of upgrading a written trait.

Stay cool :cool:

In my opinion- It potentially can be. By adding more traits you open yourself up to more opportunities to earn checks or add bonuses throughout the session. (If you could add, I think that you can end up with 4 traits? The racial trait, homeland trait, Loner trait, and whatever the questions come up as.

Now, this is just speculation because we don’t know about town phases yet, but checks in Mouse Gaurd during the players phase were pretty useful.

Yeah, you’re right. Too bad, it would have been awesome :stuck_out_tongue:

Stay cool :cool:

I bet that’s buried in the part of the text we don’t have access to yet. This is a BWHQ game after all, it’s not just going to be about living a shitty life in a cave (unless you’re a gnome, then the game is only about that)