A few questions about the Roden

  1. Does L5 Plaguebearer need to be armed like a weapon, similar to L5 Muskrat? Or is it considered fighting unarmed? It doesn’t say one way or the other.

  2. With L9 Mimicry, can the Roden only help when someone else uses that Nature descriptor? Or can he help as if he has that Nature descriptor? Using your example, can the Roden only help when someone uses their Crafting Nature? Or could the Roden help someone else as if he had the Crafting Nature descriptor?

  1. Fighting unarmed.
  2. As if he had Crafting Nature. Basically you get to copy a party member’s Nature, giving you a fourth descriptor but only for helping.

Got it. Thx.

Another question. (And I’m sure there will be more in the future).

Tunnel Sight: Your other senses (sensitive whiskers, sharp hearing, sense of smell) allow you to navigate underground in total darkness. Ignore light factors when making Scout or Dungeoneer tests to traverse difficult terrain. Because you cannot see, you cannot report on visual information, read maps or fight.

Does this work only underground? Or any any darkness?

I would reckon as long as there’s enough smells, noises and surfaces around to help guide the Roden, it could navigate almost anywhere in the dark.

Thank you much.

One other quick question: If I take L3, Natural Immunity, which makes the Roden perma-Sick, but ignores the condition, does that mean he can never be Fresh again? We figure no, he can’t. That is fine. Fresh is really a minor, short benefit (that I tend to forget I have anyway.) Just looking for clarification.

Correct. “Fresh” and “Roden” are antonyms.

Lol. Good point.