A few questions from a newbee

Hey, I have a simple and most likely silly question about War Art.

In the obstacle section of the skill there is no obstacle or addition to obstacle for superior quality weapons.

Am I correct in assuming that it is a +2 to the obstacle, like it seems to be in every other crafting skill?

Next on the list of questions is what to do about weapons that do not appear on the weapon list.

More exactly there is no one handed superior Axe on the list (or Hammer/Mace). Obviously I can just make up stats for the weapon, but is there any formula or way to balance it all (other then the quasi-realism that BWG uses) ?

Would I be ok in following in following the difference between the Light Axe and the Footman’s Axe and just updating the Light Axe in respect to the Sweet Axe (basically the superior one handed Axe would be Pow: 3, Add: 2, WS: 3, VA 2, WL: Long)?

Is there some rule that one could follow for wanting a one handed version of a weapon or is it a bunch of guess work?

I mean when a Mace goes from run of the mill to superior it jumps a VA and goes to two-handed, but suppose the player really wants a one handed superior Mace. There is not a lot of stats to play with, the jump could increase the WS but the main thrust of the jump to superior class seems to be an increase in VA.

So coming up with weapon stats is a bit of a mystery to me.

Hi Ben,
War Art works as written. You don’t create categorical “superior quality” weapons. You create weapons with the qualities you choose.

As for tinkering with weapon stats, how much experience do you have with Fight?

hmmm … I’m not sure I understand what you are saying with War Art.

Are you saying that the creator selects poor, run of the mill, or superior; or are you saying that the crafter starts with run of the mill and then adds VA, balance, or power as in the War Art skill?

As for Fight, not much. We tried a few battles with BWR but stopped once BWG was announced, so we get the basics. Now the group is getting ready to start up a game and some questions came up. (Having read the both books I do understand that Fight is a very different beast in BWG)

Basically we have two Dwarven players and one wants to wield a one handed Axe and shield. The player wants to buy the Dwarven version (cause ya know its better superior quality and balance die) but the stats are not there. The other wants to use a one handed hammer (which we can say is mace for a simplicity sake, but there is no one handed superior version).

Honestly we could just say too bad for them, but the forum was here and I figured I would give it a try.

Hi Ben,

What I’m pretty certain Luke means is that War Art allows you to alter the stats of a weapon. It gives you rules for forging a weapon with +1 VA, Balance, etc. which essentially is how you “make” a superior quality weapon.

In your case I would honestly just fiddle with the stats a little. Just give the Light Axe a VA of 2 and BAM! Instant Dwarven Light Axe. For the superior one-handed hammer I would give it straight 2’s (2 POW, 2 VA, 2 WS).

Why say no?

Sorry I wasn’t clear. Dwarves don’t make poor quality weapons.

As for fiddling with the weapon stats, I would not. Not until you’ve dished out a few Mortal Wounds (and taken a few yourself).
Dwarves can choose from the SQ list at start. So there’s no 1-h SQ light axe to start.
And a 1-h “hammer” is a mace (but a real warhammer isn’t a hammer at all).


Thanks for the advice and explanations.