A few questions from our first session

Had a character generation session that went on quite awhile yesterday, partly because, in the process of doing the characters, I was also teaching the system. More on that elsepost.

Anyway, in the process of doing a full group conflict, a few questions came up.

  1. “Hunter” says it can be used in fights against “animals”. If you look up “Animals” in the index, it directs you to a paragraph listing the different kinds of animals in the territories. Weasels are listed. Can you use Hunter against weasels, or should “Animals” be more simply defined as non-sapients, or “creatures who only have a Nature, and no skills”?

  2. Same basic question: if weasels are animals, if you’re doing a Conflict with them, do you use the “Fight” or the “Fight animals” chart.

  3. In a Fight conflict, you roll Nature to Defend or Maneuver. Defense and Maneuver, arguably, lie outside the mouse Nature – do you risk taxing Nature when you use Nature for those two types of actions?

I’m sure that I’m overthinking this, and that the answers are simply:

  1. Weasels are sapients, so use Fight.
  2. Ditto.
  3. No.

But I’d like a confirmation all the same. Thanks!

You can use either for weasels.

Defend and Maneuver can fall under the escaping, climbing and hiding descriptors for Nature. So long as those actions are being used in that context, it’s not against Nature.