A Few Questions

So I took a crack at running a session of Torchbearer with MG + Preview PDF tonight. It went fairly well, but a few questions came to mind:

  1. Have we been given any info about the pacing/tempo of “Counts” and the accumulation of conditions? The Kickstarter video had something mentioned about “that is the fourth count so you all gain Hungry and Thirsty”. So I assumed that every 4 counts a condition was acquired. Is there anything more info on that whole process out yet?

  2. To do things like light a torch or consume rations or use a tool should I be having the players just subtract the associated item from their inventory? Or should they be making a check and seeing if its used up or not?

  3. The fight in the Kickstarter video seemed to have everyone all on one team. Is the game going to be changing the 3 people per team limit that MG had?

Loving what I’m seeing so far, and planning to do more in the coming weeks. I’m sure a lot of questions will be answered as the game gets closer to getting to us. Right now I’m just wondering if the info is out there already and I haven’t seen it.

  1. No. Everyone will act on one team. Thor designed a sweet new ruleset to hack the MG conflicts and fix them.