A Flow Chart for My Missions (like Skinnyghost's)

I saw Skinnyghost’s flow charts and they are so cool, neat, and organized so I thought I would make one for some missions I was planning. Mine is not as nice, or pretty, but it helps me as the GM.

Here is the intended intro if you want it:

"Each of you walk into the Gwendolyn’s mission room. Gwendolyn is the matriarch and architect of the Mouse Guard, and she has called you all together for a mission. Some of you walk in together having known met long before, or even on the way here, but for the most part before this is your first time meeting.

You take your place, standing around the table. On the table is map of the area, with wooden pieces representing guard locations.

Gwendolyn says, “There will be a time for introductions, but now there is a problem we must attend to. I have placed [-] in charge of this group. Among you [he/she] has the most experience, and will be most equipped to lead. This is an odd mission for the Guard but I believe you can pull it off. There is a certain necessity for a bridge from Maple Harbor to Sandmason. Two relatively small settlements that could use a bridge for travel and trade. It will be a little difficult to get there. It’s a long journey, and the path is infrequently used but once you get there it will be simple construction work. A Sandmason beetle caravan is traveling through the there early summer, and will except the bridge done when they pass through. It may take you weeks to actually finish the project, as it will be only the [number] of you, so you may have to gather food and supplies there. Oh and while your at it take this mail to Sandmason.”

Gwendolyn throws a bag of mail to [player]

“You [num] are a patrol now. Remember your oaths, and good luck to you.”

As you are walking out of the room, she picks up a new wooden piece, and places it on the road to Sandmason."

If you got any advice on what to do next that would be helpful. I don’t know how I’m going to do the Cervantes thing…

If you’re using this, by the time you finish this chart, you should probably start writing missions more based on your opponents belief and such, lol.

I’m going to try to get the Fall-Winter flowchart up today if possible.

Sorry, I can’t see the picture. Am I the only one?

Nope. I can’t either. I’m using IE. Going to try using firefox

That doesn’t work either

I’m looking forward to seeing it Lord Hampshire. I’ve been following this forum for a few weeks now and love the flows Skinny’s been posting. I use Microsoft Visio for process engineering on a regular basis and will start mapping out and posting my missions as well.

I’d love to see this become a commonplace method of illustrating session retrospectives.