A Handy List of Skills and Traits for Lords

I put this together for my Hammer Lord and Anvil Lords so that they quickly knew what skills they had easy access to. I apologize if I have violated Luke’s copyright. I will take down the wiki page if it is a problem.


Clarification - This is a concise list of the Skills and Traits that a character with either the Trait: Hammer Lord (pg 261) or the Trait: Anvil Lord (pg 249) can call upon without needing to use circles.

I don’t understand what the point of this list is. This even close to the total of iterations of possible skills for Hammer and Anvil Lords.

In fact, if your Hammer Lord is limited to those skills, I’d very much like to meet him… in space, in his cruiser…


This is the skills and traits of the minions “Hammer Lord” and “Anvil Lord” have automatic access to without a Circles roll, I think…

Oh! I thought it was for character burning.

I see. Cool. If you have the PDF, though, you should just be able to print out your setting and use that. But whatevs!