A little confused by (Magic) and mental inventory...

  1. So, for each level a magician has, they get an additional mental slot? So a level 3 magician has 3 mental slots and can memorize 3 spells?

  2. I know that, say a 2nd circle spell takes up two spots on a travelling spell book, but does it take up two mental slots in memory? In other words, can my 3rd level magician have fill up her memory with three 2nd circle spells (or 1st or 3rd, etc)?

  3. I’m confused by the spells and prayers boxes on the back of the bottom right of the character sheet how does one use it in play?

  4. I couldn’t find any Third Circle (or higher) spells or prayers in the book. I’m assuming these will be added to a future release or are for the GM to create?

  5. Regarding the example on page 42, why does the the magician have to be 3rd level to learn a second circle spell?

  6. Forgive me if this is a dumb question, but I’m trying to get everything straight. So as an example, a fourth level magician can learn and use spells from circles 1-4 but not 5, a second level magician can only learn and use circles 1-2, and a 5th-10th level magician can learn and use any spell (I’m assuming theres no higher circle than 5…)

  7. A spell that a magician learns automatically goes into her home library when she’s able to visit it. So there are technically three places for spells to reside; in memory ready to be cast, in travelling spell books (and scrolls) ready to be memorized or cast, and at home in the library (learned, but not ready for the road unless transferred.) Do I have that correct? Wouldn’t it be useful for a magician’s player to then make a list of “spells learned”?


A Magician starts the game with the ability to memorize one First Circle spell.

As per the table on page 113:
At level 2 a magician gains the ability to memorize another First Circle spell. (total: 2 First Circle spells)
At level 3 a magician gains the ability to memorize a Second Circle spell. (total: 2 First Circle spells and 1 Second Circle spell)
At level 4 a magician gains the ability to memorize a First Circle spell. (total: 3 First Circle spells and 1 Second Circle spell)
At level 5 a magician gains the ability to memorize a Second Circle spell. (total: 3 First Circle spells and 2 Second Circle spells).

Does that clear things up?

Also, memorized spells are different from spells in your spell book. You have five slots in your spell book. A circle 1 spell takes one slot, a circle 2 spell takes 2, etc. Again, this is independent of what you have memorized at any given moment. (please correct me if I’m wrong)

You’re correct. A magician starts with 3 First Circle spells in his traveling spell book. An elf ranger starts with 1 First Circle spell in her traveling spell book.

Ok. I totally missed the table on page 113! So most of my questions are cleared up now except for number four and number seven.

  1. You can’t learn 3rd Circle spells until you’re beyond 5th level. So no, there are no 3rd Circle spells. If and when we extend the game beyond 5th level, there will be 3rd Circle spells.

  2. Yes, it would be useful to keep such a list.

This really confused me as well, until I found that table.

The character sheet goes up to 10! You are committed!