A number of questions

OK so during our game recently a number of things came up in play.

  1. If you have the Outlaw LP then you start the game with the Outlaw trait. If the PC was an outlaw and has subsequently gone onto to something else thats legit, starting with this trait is difficult. We ended up saying that as it would be voted off after the first maneuver, we would remove it.

  2. I created a Hammer lord who rules the military dictatorship. However, he only has 3 Circles. After his requisite relationships, he has just a 1D affiliation and a 1D reputation which were both with the Hammer. I am not sure what to make of this?

  3. Relationships for NPC FoN are clearly stated not to include PCs. However, the normal rules of a relationship with someone on the other side of the conflict and a FoN seem to still apply. In my game, all Human FoN are human. Does this mean the FoN should have a relationship with a Vaylen FoN and then create an NPC on the human side?

Well, technically, just because you have a Trait doesn’t mean you have to play it. You can play against it - which is what you can do with the Outlaw. Just ignore it if it doesn’t make sense and when you get around to Trait Voting, vote it off. I would leave it on, however, through the Infilitration phase. Who knows what might happen and suddenly it becomes very appropriate!

Do you mean he has a Circles Exponent of 3? Or do you mean that he had 3 Circles to spend after selecting Lifepaths? You could throw the LP’s up here so people can see how that happened for reference.

  1. I see no reason you could not Vote it off. You could also decide that he has change shis name or face.

Did you see the move: O! Brother Where Art Thou?

At the end all three outlaws are pardoned and made legitimate member sof the government no less. But! there is still a man after them, he does not care that they are legit now, they have sinned and must pay the penalty.

Make of that what you will.

  1. I don’t see much of a problem with that. He is a fly boy, or a ship commander who knows no one outside of the military. He has problems at at parties, his wife ios embarressed by him in public. He sees himself as a Solder first, formost and only. He probably does not wear a wig, and the other mock him for his gruff manner behind his back.

Its all good.

  1. I don’t quite follow the question, could you repeat it/ rephrase it please?

The problem it is a dice trait not a character trait with a very specific effect.

Sorry 3 Circles to spend. The LP was a very simple Born to Rule, Coeptir, Armiger, Lord-Pilot Hammer, Hammer Lord, Court Lord. It just seems to me that a Hammer Lord should have enough Circles to buy an affiliation, reputation and relationship for his Hammer fleet without needing to branch out much.

An NPC must buy 2 relationships. One with a FoN. One with someone on the otherside of the conflict. NPC FoN do not need to buy relationships with PCs, if the PC has one the reciprocal is assumed. In some games, all 3 FoN for Human will all be PCs.

So this means either

  1. I can count the relationships with PCs as my required relationships even though they are bought .
  2. I would need to buy a relationship with a fellow Vaylen FoN and making up another NPC on the other side.

Don’t take the Outlaw LP if the Outlaw trait is problematic. There’s a lot of other ways to be a reformed criminal. I know, that’s a sucky answer, but that’s how BW/BE works.

If you’re finding yourself short of Circles points, take another LP for your vilain. :twisted:

As for Vaylen NPC FoNs and their relationships – most definitely create additional NPCs on the other side. Ask the players to help you out with suggestions – people they’d like in their organizations and such (but whom they don’t directly know).

Does that help?

Yep. Cheers.