A Skink Situation

I wrote anouther mission. I don’t know if it’s interesting enough, so I think I at least need some feedback before I use it with the group. There is a certain lack of variety of what the players can actually do…I’m still really new to this game, so this is kinda… practice.

A Skink Situation
“Hungry Skinks have been raiding our cricket farms, and eatting our crops. We need you to search the area and cut down the population, or come winter we will surely starve.”

(Skink-wise can be used to help vertually every check in Ob. 1)

Ob. 1 Reduce the local Skink population.

  1. “There is reports of a large nest of about 14 eggs near here, if you can destroy that it should reduce this years Skink population”
    Scout vs. Skink’s Nature of 4+1(5)
    P: goto 2
    F: goto 2 (gain hungry status)

  2. “You found the nest, you walk up to the nest, suddenly two Skinks appear… They don’t seem to happy.”
    Ob. 4 Loremouse check or Conflict with two Skinks. Failing the Loremouse check will result in conflict. Destroying the eggs after successful Loremouse check will cause conflict (before going to Ob. 2.)
    P: “You destroy the eggs.” goto Ob. 2

Ob. 2 Don’t die. (result 1)
"A mouse mounting a Skink, in heavy armor, and a long decretive lance appears from the distance and rides up to your patrol, "My name is Lord Hamshire, King of the Skinks. I was once a mouse of great wealth and fortune, but long ago I renounced my place in Mouse society and left my riches to live amongst the Skinks. Your crimes against us have been great and you must pay for your actions… "

“What is that Skink? I should have a trail! No! I will hear no more of that nonsense, these mice are killers!.. what’s that? Haha, your knowledge of early 500’s philosophy is quite impressive… sigh you know I can’t say no to you… Alright murderous Mice, make your plea.”

[Deceiver or Persuader vs. Lord Hamshire’s Will of 5]

P: “Alright, I will let you off with only a warning but remember whenever there is a Skink in danger, I’ll be there. Don’t let me catch you killing my brothers and sisters again, or you will have your lives to pay. Yah!” Lord Hamshire tuggs on the reins and rides off into the distance. END

F: “I say guilty, and the punishment is death!” Lord Hamshire tuggs on the reins and rides off into the distance. and begins to charge the group.
Fight with Lord Hamshire.

Lord Hamshire
Nature: 3
Will: 5
Health: 4
Resources: 1
Circles: 1
Gear: Lance, Mace, Shield, Heavy Armor
Mount: Skink (+2D to one Maneuver once per fight, +1s to Disposition)
Skills: Fighter 7, Scout 1, Armorer 2, Loremouse 2, Cook 1, Hunter 2, Laborer 2, Survivalist 2, Skink-wise 8, Jousting-wise 3, 3 Mace-wise.
Traits: Stubborn (2), Brave (1)

(Explain to the players that because the Skink is a smaller mount, and Lord Hamshire has Fighter 7, Mace-wise 3, and Skink-wise 8 he can use his mace on Skinkback.)

A: +1s; after a successful maneuver, or if it is the first action in a conflict, when on mount.
D: -
F: -
M: +1D
Length: Spear

I’m starting to think this one might be a little stupid… Idk.

I think the idea is cool (and i will probarly use it) but the mechanics need tweaking. The capture of the Skink needs to be streamlined and the lance might be a bit strong.

Thanks, it’s all yours. The lance is not as powerful as it seems. Because you can predict when he will use attack, (after he manuevers) and counter it appropriately. But it is pretty powerful, maybe your right. It’s supposed to represent couched lance and such.

I changed it a little, tried to make Ob. 1 more streamlined… I think I may have just made it worse… Lol

Cool. Just have time for a few quick comments right now.

I’d make this more of a thing. The skinks are devastating our crops. The Guard must help us or we shall surely starve come winter.

Ob. 1 Reduce the local Skink population.

  1. Ob. 2 Scout check. (This Scout check gets more difficult every time they fail until it reaches Ob. 5, after that the punishment for failing can be hunger, then tired, then angry.)

Nope. One test (“Fun Once, Let’s Not Do It Again (Page 90).”) And Ob 2 looks too easy, what Factors are you using? “Factoring Obstacles, Page 231.”

Well I have to make them kill at least 3 Skinks, or it would be wierd that they somehow completed the mission, without cutting down the Skinks, but yeah, I will change some things. Oh and the meaning of the fail thing before was they still go on, but when they come back to that checkpoint it would get harder, but an changed it anyway.

Just have a fight with three skinks. Repetitive tasks are not fun.

You could just make it a few hungry skinks raiding the town. Otherwise, make it about Scientist rather than killing them one by one.

Wouldn’t that be wierd like “You see 3 skinks.” idk…

Maybe I should have them like… Go into some sort of breeding ground, or water… and there is like 6 of them… Idk that doesn’t feel as natural.

Maybe this mission is just doomed to die…

Maybe I can fix it…

I wouldn’t worry about the number of skinks. The important parts seem to be that you’re interested in them tracking skinks and running into Lord Hampsshire.

See I think I did good. I made it so your attacking a nest. Fight 2. Eliminate 16.

Nevermind, what I wrote here no longer applies.