A Versus Skill for Falsehood?

Well, way I see it, simply lying hain’t no falsehood test. If I’m rattling off some details to you, not trying to push you into doing something you’re kinda opposed to, just mostly shooting shit, there’s no intent in the first place. I don’t want to accomplish anything other than “fib for fibs sake”. If your bullshit detector goes off and you call out “Oi, that sumnimibinch is bullshittin’ me,” I slow clap, and then ask you what you’re doing about it. Then maybe there’s intent, depends on the sitch, but just “Oh, I want to read his body language to see if he’s lying,” well, you’ve already done that, otherwise your bullshit detector wouldn’t be going off.

Now, if you’re playing your character as quite resistant to a course of action I’m suggesting, and I’m lying to bolster my case against your obstinate self, that’s Falsehood Ob Will. If you get that bullshit detector going off while I’m yammering out my case, you don’t need to test perception, you Walk Away saying, “You’re lying. We’re done.” Unless the lying so much doesn’t matter as does the course of action. Then maybe you stick around, get convinced, and then root out my lies through other contacts, or whatever. I roll my Falsehood vs Ob Will, you are convinced to go do something that you as the player have said “Yeah, sure, I suppose I could be convinced, that’s why I didn’t just walk away,” and then because your bullshit detector went off you go circle up Jimmy the Rat and get his take on the sitch.

Further, if both our characters want the other to undertake some action, and it’s at least relatively speaking opposed in some form, and you’re just trying to get me to listen to reason, and I’m lying my ass off to pad my argument, then we’re talking a vs test, but it still has nothing to do with whether ofr not you think I’m lying. Feel free to think I’m lying. Heck, I’ll tell you my character is lying, and again say rather than, “but your character doesn’t know because I rolled damned well/kay, your character knows because I rolled crummy,” I tell you again to do something about it. Shove me against the wall and demand the truth, use rhetoric to suss out my lies, get an intent. But just “I want to confirm my no feeling”? No, not good enough. We don’t tap in front of us with a 10 foot pole here, that’s D&D. No twiddling our thumbs and derping for what we believe in here.

I have no idea what you are saying here/what exactly you are replying to.

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