About the hulling illos: which method?


Having not read the graphic novels I am puzzled over the various hulling methods, trying to picture them in my head. Fortunately, I have the game’s illos, but, just to be 100% sure:
Which hulling method do the ‘hulling illos’ through out the book describe (field hulling or the more complex & inconspicuous one)?


I think all the illustrations depict field hulls, except possibly the one on the back cover.

Simple rule of thumb: If it involves a trephine (the crazy drill thing), it’s pretty much got to be a field hull because it involves drilling through the skull.

The foramen magnum hull looks quite similar. However, the drill is not required. Instead, the naiven is inserted at the base of the neck, right along the spinal column (which is why it is more difficult). The naiven follows the spine through the hole in the base of the skull.

The optic nerve hull is going to look more like a conditioning session from A Clockwork Orange. The subject is strapped in so that movement is severely restricted and sedated for about a month. The eyes are held open with clamps. A young naiven larva is inserted into the optic cavity. It crawls around the eye and along the optic nerve until it reaches the brain fluid, where it slowly matures.

Thor is correct. All of it is unpleasant…