Absolute Difficulty Class

Please delete or lock this thread. Reason: Dud question.

Not to be glib, but you have seen the Skills section right?
We give general examples at the top of the book and more specific examples deeper in. I don’t think anyone would say BWG fails to give concrete examples of difficulty.

Ah, no. It hasn’t arrived yet, so I have only gotten the Wheels and Spokes section.
I do have the Players handbook from Revised but I have never played the game much and it is with someone else. Ignore me then.

You clearly havent gotten to the skill list section of your BWG. Each skill has sample obstacles now to help out with the exact thing you’re talking about.

Edit: my shitty edge connection was sniped by Luke.

Well then, you my friend are in for a treat.

I am looking forward to it. Thanks