Actual play experiences

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It seems to be hard to find actual play reports from BE - a Forge search brought forward only one (plus a con demo). Are there any other out there, on blogs, wikis etc.?


Forge AP thread:

Read some of this.

Hi Jon,
Thx, but I am looking for more Forge-style APs, describing what’s going on among the players as well, not just what happens in-game. What were said - who did what and why - all that stuff :slight_smile:



Glass and Ashes in particular

Whenever I doodle up my post-session AP reports, I try and do two posts: one is the in-game events, the other is my breakdown of concerns and observations about what’s happening within the game and between players. Mostly it’s for, and to, myself. Sometimes my players jump in and discuss stuff as well.

It’s a long read, now, but you might try reading through my Banyan thread.


Thx, guys. Wow, loads of information. It’s pretty intense to read through, but good to see how games evolve. I wish I could convince my group to try it out.


I invite you to take a break from reading :wink: and listen to my podcast, ‘Virtual Play’. Episodes 1 and 2 both contain excerpts from the ‘Burning Nautilus Prima’ BE games. You can find it here:

Paul, awesome. Exactly the stuff I was looking for - and a grand view of the scope of this game. Thank you for this write-up.

Mel - you are in my iTunes podcast library :slight_smile: There are too few “this is how we actually play” podcasts out there - it’s always interesting to be able to listen in for a while.


Something from me (but only in polish language):

Beveris Secundus - still hot, it`s our current campaign,

Acheron - our first campaign and contact with BE.