AdBu characters?

So, I’m kinda itching to try out Gold, and I’ve got some people who’ve never played a Burning game before. I only have so much time before I’m moving, I only have one copy of the book, and I’d like to get moving pretty quick.

The Adventure Burner has all those lovely characters all written up, I suspect I wouldn’t need to do much to get them into shape, since I can just use the Gold version of any traits, skills, spells, and what have you. But I may be missing something, and I wanted to know if there’s some pitfalls here I’m not seeing.

They should be fine. I’ve already cross-referenced the Knight for my own testing purposes and he’s identical barring the need to convert the speed on his weapons, which is a quick chart lookup away. I suspect the rest are similar. The only glaring issue in the AdBu characters I’ve seen at a glance is the Orc Sorcerer’s Abstraction Facet, which is completely broken by the BWG Sorcery revision.

And now there’s stride instead of speed multiplier.

At the GenCon BWG social we pulled from the characters in the Adventure Burner and they seemed to work just fine.

Cool! Thanks for your thoughts. And I noticed it lists the updated strides for all the Stocks from the Monster Burner in there, and all the weapon lengths should be fairly simple to work out, so they everything will definitely work, it looks like.

I hope you do let us know how it goes! I’m probably going to be running Sword for friends soon (once I get my copy of BWG in the mail), so I’d love to hear about good experiences and pitfalls to GMing with players new to the system.

A bit off topic, but I just ran the sword for the first time with them, to get a feel for the system. I’d advise you use Duel of Wits, but they got a bit scared when I brought out the Fight scripting sheet. Bloody Versus seemed a good choice for the fights, but I do feel like it would have been better if the full system had been used when the Rat tired to backstab them, it just was scaring them.

Prep a bit, I didn’t. You don’t need to plan, just be very aware of the bits that will probably come up, namely Duel of Wits, possibly Fight, Bloody Versus, and what skills and powers the players have exactly. Drop the idea of artha on them when it could turn the tide of a roll.

The biggest thing is, you do need to play some scenarios before you start a real game. The idea of what a good belief is can be hard to get across to players who’ve never played with the system before.

I’ve started updating the AdBu characters to BWG, and the dwarves are here. I’ll put them up as I finish them, and would welcome your proof-reading as they’re made available.

Dwarves have been updated, Elves & Humans have been added. Same link as above.