Advancement question:DoW,RnC,Fight!, simple martial conflict and bloody versus

Hi, heres an advancement question…cant find it in the book.

Do I keep track of all the different single rolls involved in DoW, RnC, Fight!, simple martial conflict and bloody versus, in order to advance the appropriate skills and stats required in those situations?

For example:

In a DoW, theres 3 volleys. So for a point, an incite and a obfuscate, I could be tracking trough volley 1 to 3, Interrogation, intimidation and rethoric or even will if one of these in unskilled. So every roll would count for advancement. Is that correct?

Same for all the other game situations above?

Thanks for your consideration.
I guess that if I can put Artha in those rolls I might as well keep track of them for advancement right?

You can only log one test for advancement per stat/skill/ability etc per conflict, and you usually just log the first one you make unless you’re one test from advancing, in which case you can just wait for that one test.

It’s also provided tons of incentive at my table to avoid simply relying on whatever has the highest rating on the character sheet.

Ho, I’m surprised! you know where I can find that rule in the gold edition book?

Series of Rolls = One Test​, page 45.

That means that the conflict rules aren’t particularly good at making you improve in any one skill but they can be great for improving a lot of skills.

Here’s what I do at the table:

I have this notepad where I write down every roll (skill rolled, dice rolled, obstacle, and artha spent if any), plus names and other useful details for later. In the case of a detailed conflict, I have to script actions anyway, so I usually write down the roll next to them as we go through the script. At the end of a session or when there’s a lull, I look over the recorded tests, cross-reference against the Routine/Difficult/Challenging chart, and then mark them off on my character sheet accordingly. (I put check marks next to them to avoid double-counting later.)

Thank you very much for the infos!