Advancing Really High Greed

I’m playing a dwarf (With B8 Greed) for the first time and I wanted to double check that my understanding of Greed advancement is correct:

With Steel of 7 and Greed 8, I’ve been failing a lot of Greed checks. The rules (p. 123) seem to expect that it would be a routine test (and “I Must Have It” would add another) but with B8 Greed and only 7 dice for Steel (albeit open-ended) it seems like it would count as a Challenging test.

Now, normally, as I understand it, most dwarves would just be getting routine tests and would need to deliberately invoke Greed to get a Difficult or Challenging test (or trigger a situational one). My dwarf, on the other hand, seems poised to get a lot of Challenging tests and nothing else. Is this the correct understanding of the rules?

The rules seem to indicate that it is always a routine test when you make a Greed check or invoke “I Must Have It”. Rolling 7 Steel dice against Ob 8 seems like it would be a challenging Steel test, but I don’t see why it would be a challenging Greed test.