Advancing will?

The other day my group finally managed to play our first session of Burning Empires, and it was really, really good fun.

However, I’ve realised that my Forged Lord PC really needs a Will higher than 4 (somewhat annoying, as I have Perception at 5, where I don’t think the extra point matters at all, while Will boosts my Body of Argument in DoW). But so far I haven’t seen any way to get pure Will tests, apart from downtime (and as the cycle for Will is a year, that’s not super practical).

Am I effectively stuck at Will 4, or am I (hopefully!) missing something here?

Thanks in advance :).

Make unskilled social skill tests.


I completely managed to miss that part - I thought it just gave you a test for the new skill, not for the root stat (despite the section in the book clarifying this precise matter!). Thanks again.