Adventure Burner

Hi all!

Do you know how can I purchase a copy of the Adventure Burner? even a pdf copy will be good.


There are no PDFs for sale. It’s unfortunately difficult to get your hands on a copy now. Amazon and eBay will often have copies, but for prices over $100, unfortunately. The best option is often to check around with local (and even distant) gaming stores. There are still some unsold copies floating around.

I guess there is no intention to make a reprint of it? Is there a known reason? Is there going to be a new edition of TBW? or just the developers have no future plans for this game?


Luke has said there will be no reprint. The reason, I think, being that it was written for Revised.

BW is still being supported (it was just reprinted recently making that the third printing of Gold). I think the best bet is some kind of app (there was a topic about this on the boards) that contains this information.

You can read some of the coolest bits of it online.

This thread is the genesis for a really great chapter about antagonists. Luke’s story is reproduced almost word-for-word in the book.

The “downloads” page on the wiki includes the Beliefs chapter, as well as The Sword and a couple of other adventures written up AdBu-style.

Yeah, if they reprinted every supplement for new editions, it’d mean a lot of work every time they released a new edition of BW, since the game changes considerably with each edition.

Even if Gold was the last edition (which it probably is!), that’d still set BWHQ back considerably when it came to releasing games. Consider that they only just barely put out Torchbearer, which was a relatively short book compared to BW stuff.

Good luck on your search for the Burner, though! Also be sure to check out forums where posters put things up for sale. That’s how I found my AdBu for less than $100.

Ah! Well, then may be what I should ask is

It is worth the Adventure Burner (Moster and Magic burner as well) if I have BW gold?


It really depends on what you want. The only thing that BWG is really missing are the Enchanting rules, which you can get here on the wiki.

Do you want alternative magic systems? Get the magic burner!

Do you want alternative playable races (Trolls, Wolves, Spiders, Roden) and a process to build your own monsters? Get the Monster Burner (btw, I think my local shop still carries this one if you’re having trouble getting it).

The Adventure Burner is great for advice but it contains no rules. It’s really all examples, commentary, insight (remember: it’s for revised tho, some will not apply). Which is to say it’s very useful, but you can also pick up a lot of that stuff through actual play (especially with people familiar with BW).

I love my Adventure Burner and am very pleased to have it, but I was fortunate enough to grab it before it vanished from shelves. Is it wonderful and worth reading? Absolutely. Is it relevant to Gold? Absolutely, in my opinion, with maybe a couple of minor exceptions. Is it worth the hassle of finding it for a reasonable price? Dunno. Maybe, maybe not.

Monster and Magic both contain good stuff that isn’t in Gold but is compatible with it. Most of Monster is still useful, and much of Magic, though a couple of things got broken in the latter because of the way Sorcery changed. I expect you’d get use out of them both if you owned them.

As a GM relatively new to Burning Wheel I love my Monster Burner. Highly recommended.

It really makes me wish we could see some more stuff come out for Gold. I understand that Luke et al are more interested in Torchbearer, but it is a shame. Ah well, maybe the spirit will move them at some point.

I love the Monster Burner and use pretty much none of it ever, except occasionally Roden lifepaths. I love the Magic Burner and have used it in games, but it sees use in a minority of BW campaigns. I love the Adventure Burner and its advice, and it helped me go from bad BW games that flopped to good ones that didn’t, but I don’t really think it contains anything that you can’t figure out from trawling posts (here especially, but also elsewhere) and asking your own questions.

You know, the AdBu is such good, solid, core BW stuff, and often so non-obvious to newcomers, that it really is something like the owner’s manual. Luke and company might do well making big chunks of it available online somehow because it would help more people get BW, enjoy BW, and maybe buy BW.

Rodents in the Monster Burner?? Perfect for my intention of hacking Warhammer Fantasy with TBW!!! I will have to get one.

Precisely, I see the AdBu as a sort of Game Master guide to the BW, since I am new to this game I will love to read all its advices…

Come on BW team! pull out a reprint of those…at least in pdf :wink:

The Beliefs chapter is the most applicable to Gold, and is on the wiki as noted. Much of it is obsolete, namely the specific chapters on the conflict systems since they have all changed.

I have check the content of the Adventure Burner on the Burning Wiki and I have the impression that there are more useful things to me ( a totally new GM of the BW) than just the Belief sub-chapter (which I already downloaded). From reading its contents, I have the impression that most of the Chapter named Commentary could be useful to me, at least from page 172 to page 300.

In any case, as you said, I can may be find these same counsels in these forums.


The commentary section is about how to use the various sub-systems of the game. Since they were written for the revised version, they are not quite as useful as you might think. However, tt seems like you’re looking for advice on how to tackle BW, so I’ll offer some.

Stick to the first 75 pages of the Gold rulebook for a few sessions, possibly even an entire campaign. The sub-systems are there to add drama, but each one brings a considerable amount of rules crunch that will absolutely sour you on the experience if you take the “kitchen sink” approach your first time out. The most important things to learn, in my opinion, are the “Intent and Task” section of those pages.

It might even be worth starting with “The Sword”, one of the adventures from the Adventure Burner that is on the wiki. It’s a simple scenario meant to introduce players to the basic concepts of the game. Get 2-4 of your friends together with the understanding that the session is purely about learning the game. If you like it (or are still curious), brainstorm a situation and burn characters.

Just a heads up, if you’re having trouble tracking down Magic Burners, they have plenty here.

Magic Burner is great. I absolutely adore Art Magic – it’s a pretty small and simple chapter but, well, that’s exactly why it’s great.

Death Art, Summoning, and Enchanting are also great for really delving into BW-style magic more deeply. (The other bits of it are cool, too, but these ones stand out to me as the ones that most readily enhance and build on the stuff you already get in the core book.)


Hi Yepsnopes! I’m pretty new to the game myself (read it last summer, played it for the first time a little less than 3 months ago, and totally addicted to the game since then…). Everything people said is right : you don’t need those books. I strongly suggest you to simply jump right into the game, and then tell the community here how it went, then ask specific questions regarding your own, real gaming experiences. People here are very generous in their sharing, and even though I am sure the 3 revised books are awesome (I do own Magic Burner myself, and it’s really a fun read - especially the essay by Thor in the beginning), I find it more fun to simply share my experience and ask my questions here about how to improve the gameplay, the obstacle designs, etc…

Have a blast with BW!

I purchased Gold, Monster, Magic, and Adventure Burners about a year and a half ago and we’ve played through several rules based scenarios, Theolins Rift, a take on “Skyrim”, and other themes.
I wish I would’ve found this site in the beginning as it woild have saved a lot of frustration. You guys are great, and very much appreciated.