adventure phase and recovering from hungry and thirsty

While in the adventure phase, can the characters simply eat their rations or drink their wine to recover from hungry and thirsty, or do they have to camp? If they can do this in the adventure phase, does it take a turn?

Yes, you can eat in the adventure phase. It doesn’t cost a turn, but it does require a quite moment.

I would assume the same applies for drinking an elixir to remove a Condition.

Is winning a Flee Conflict good enough to earn “a quiet moment”?

More specifically, what if the party is lost so they can only flee to the next area, which has an obstacle blocking his their immediate passage. The monsters are still pursuing them, right? I see several possibilities:

  1. Characters get their moment to eat/drink, take elixir etc. But then the monsters rush in and start a new Conflict

  2. Quiet moment, then players get a test to try to stay ahead of or hide from the monsters, set a trap etc.

  3. Same as 2, but the test gets an Evil GM factor because the test taker knows the monsters are quickly approaching and messing it up could put the party in a terrible position.

  4. The party won the Flee Conflict so they can move to the next area, take their moment or even Camp if they want to.

  5. Knowing they are only one step ahead of the monsters, the party cannot take “a moment” to eat/drink, imbibe, etc.

Are all of these options viable and it’s up to the GM to decide? Thanks in advance. It’s always helpful to hear how other GMs handle things. If my example is unclear I can provide more details.

They can eat/drink, including potions, as long as they are not in immediate danger. It’s up to the GM to decide.