Against the Weasels Campaign

When I was preparing my game, I got so many great ideas from this forum, I felt I should give back a little. Please feel free to critique, advise, etc.

Eventually I want to lead up to a big weasel war campaign, but here’s where I have started:

GAME 1: Deliver the Mail
I modified Deliver the Mail slightly to reflect my patrolmice’s beliefs. I’m just describing the modified parts below:

One of my mice, Clove, female pathfinder, has a friend in Lockhaven, and she has a crush on him. I decided to put a letter in the mail from Cale (her friend) to Loretta about their romantic rendezvous– one of the twists mentioned in the deliver the mail mission description.

They encountered the raven as the twist to the weather pathfinder check, and as a result of the fight, lost some letters in the compromise. Clove had kept Cale’s letter separately, though, and she decided to deliver this to Loretta using one of her checks in the player’s turn. However, she already had opened the letter and read it out of jealousy. She decided to deliver the letter to Loretta when she realized she might be allowing her to make a dangerous journey by not delivering the letter. We decided that the test she bought with her check would be a deceiver check to see if she could fool Loretta into thinking the letter had accidentally come open in the raven fight. She failed… and as a result of her failure, they mayor and her fellow patrolmice knew that she had opened a letter.

For the other two mice, I tried to put them on opposite sides of the next challenge using their beliefs. When they met the mice challenge, I changed the listed NPC to Merro, who is Sebastian’s friend (he’s the fighter mouse in the group.) Sebastian’s belief is “Always help a friend”. I thought he might be inclined to go get the rocking chair. The leader of the patrol has the belief “ Mouse guard duty above all”, so I figured that would square them off on opposite sides of that conflict, and it worked. Sebastian and Clove both helped Merro in the duel of wits, which they lost, and the patrol leader won. It worked into some very cool RP moments.

Sebastian decided to spend his player’s check helping Merro get the rocking chair. They failed their scout, and instead of getting captured, I had them battle the weasels, which was a cool fight as well.

I was shocked at how a few simple mods (really only using stuff on the PCs character sheets) radically changed this module-like scenario. It really came alive at the table.

Game 2: the choice
#1: WEATHER, unseasonable spring rain, ob 3 health (result of failed weather watcher test in last player’s turn)
P: see #2
F: sick
#2: the choice. The mayor of Dorigift, (where they ended up after Deliver the Mail) wants them to patch the scent border in a few places that he feels may be compromised due to the rain. They worry about foxes on the other side.
But , a retired scientist from Sprucetuck approaches the group and asks for a letter from the previous mail delivery (one the raven stole). It was an order for medicine from local villages (Gilpledge and Appleloft) that are experiencing a terrible illness and need the medication he has brewed. What will they do? Track down the raven and get the letter or repair the scent border?
I was looking to see what they would choose, and maybe even get a little PVP action out of it, but they surprised me. The group decided to split the party. Pathfinder Clove took medicine to the two villages and Sebastian and Gamlion (patrol leader) headed to the scent border.
#2a – scent border; ob 3 pathfinder and ob 3 scientist
P: repair the scent border yay!
F: fox fight! - they failed and had a really gripping fight – the fox definitely wanted a mousy snack, but through canny teamwork and bad fox rolls, they avoided losing even one point of dispo.
#2b: circles test to find the mayor of the town who would know who was sick (I think it was ob 3 / 4), which she failed. A few mice died….

That’s caught us up to this point. I’d love any ideas or suggestions for this Friday’s game. I want to stretch towards the weasel campaign with a gradual build-up. We already had a little weasel action in Walnutpeck in the first mission. There also may be something strange/sinister going on with the creatures in the forest. In the player’s turn, the hunter checked on an outpost on the far side of the scent border, which had been abandoned when a baby owl drove them off. Gamlion thought this might indicate something wrong with the creatures of the forest. Sounds good to me, but what? :stuck_out_tongue: