Altered Perspective

Comment: Mouse guard has got me looking at the world around me a little differently. Like every time I hear a bird I think, “I’m going to get eaten, I gotta get out of here!”

Question: Is Frostic supposed to be snow all year round type thing. (I’m guessing not if the awnser to the question below is “rivers.”)

Question: Is the water on the map rivers or an ocean?

Question: Resources checks? Why do you roll for them? I guess that represents like… varrying market prices and such?

Would a mouse of the Territories know the difference?

…Well I suppose not, but it matters for like if I want to make a fish enemy, and I have to decide from a fresh water fish, or a salt water fish.

Resources is an abstraction of a lot of things, like monetary goods, trade goods, availability, credits, debts, and handshake agreements. Sometimes you get what you’re looking for, sometimes not.

I see

pst The Territories and the animal inhabitants are based on Michigan, so Id say fresh water?!

Regarding Resources, I know other GMs have also gone with different areas of the territories use different currencies to help explain the flux. Some merchant in Barkstone doesnt value your Port Sumac coin as much as youd hope