Ambushes and order of might

In my last game I introduced a pack of kobolds as part of the twist and we initiated a conflict.

As per ambush rules I may only pick a conflict that is in the kobold nature (p151). The said conflicts are: capture, convince, flee or trick. Since springing an ambush to convince, trick or flee doesn’t make sense to me I decided for capture.

However, following the order of conflict rules (p149) kobolds may not capture the adventurers, as their might is 2 (they were 6). So how do I get out of this - if it is at all possible?

Also, the adventurers wanted to kill the kobolds. However, a kill conflict is not on the table due to the ambush rule. Can they have “kill all the kobolds” as a goal in a capture conflict?

Hi Akanon,

They cannot Capture with a Might of 1 (or 2, if they’re in a large enough group), unless they have some sort of magic that boosts their Might. Perhaps they have a magic item or a wyrmpriest with Evocation of the Lords of Battle?

Otherwise, there’s a reason that kobolds are so fond of traps. They may not be big and strong enough to take on adventurers in a toe-to-toe fight, but they’re tricksy. Use a Trick conflict to drive the adventurers into a snare, pit trap, net trap or some other devious invention that will capture the adventurers for the kobolds.

In normal conflicts, the monsters don’t get to choose a conflict goal – only the players’ conflict goal matters. The reverse is true in this case – the monsters choose the conflict goal and the players are stuck with it. If the kobolds choose a Kill conflict, the players are in a Kill conflict. If the kobolds choose a Capture conflict, the players are in a Capture conflict.

In this case, flip the table of suggested compromises on page 73. Instead of applying to the GM, it applies to the players. So, for example, if the kobolds do manage to increase their Might enough to try a Capture conflict and the players win, the players either escape or the kobolds are driven off.

Does that make sense?


That’s the thing: the kobolds may not choose the kill conflict (not that such cowardly creatures would in most cases) when they spring an ambush. The question is: what would they spring an ambush for against higher might opponents?

Maybe they just wouldn’t against such mighty foe. Maybe seeing that their foes are adventurers the would simply flee - let’s say to alert their buds.

What would happen if the kobolds are summoned as a twist when adventurers try to climb out of their pit trap?

Of course I can disregard the rule if it doesn’t make sens. But I would rather stick to the rules if I can.

They can choose a kill conflict if there are enough of them to reach Might 2 (five or more, IIRC). But generally I would go for the trick conflict to drive a stronger opponent into a trap.

If the players all fall into the pit trap, I wouldn’t call for a conflict at all. The twist is the kobolds come and capture the PCs. After they are captured via the twist, the ball is back in the players’ court and they may attempt some sort of action to escape from their captors.

Trust that I will never advocate for ignoring the rules. :smiley:

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The game is quite explicit on that point: “If a monster is introduced as part of a twist, the players can only choose a conflict type from the monster’s listed selection” (p151). So no “kill”.

Or am I meant to say “what are you gonna do guys? You can only capture, trick, convince or flee”

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