Another question about advancement...

Perhaps I missed something but here goes: in page 227, under Advancement, it says that “Rating 0 and 1 abilities and skills only
require one passed test to advance.” So far so good, but under what circumstances does a mouse have rating 0 and 1 skills? As far as I can see, after creating a mouse in Recruitment, the minimum rating is 2 (number of checks +1) and when learning new skills with Beginner’s Luck, a skill is opened with a rating 2. Although the rule in itself is correct (one only needs a successful roll to advance a rating 0 and 1 skill), I don’t see how it is possible to have a rating 0 or 1 skill. Can someone clarify this for me?

Resources could be taxed to 0, and Nature could be as low as 1. Trying to think of other abilities and drawing a blank, but there are at least those two.

Injury and Sickness can permanently reduce abilities.

You can start with a Fight of 1 depending on how you answer the starting questions.