Another question about Assassins

About the Assassin’s Throwing Blades:

Depending on the shape of the blade, some blades may be disguised as innocuous personal affects: belt buckles, hair pins or neck/whist jewelry.

How is this handled with game mechanics?

  1. Do they take up the Weapon slot even if they are “disguised” as something else? Or, do they take up a more appropriate slot?

  2. If so, does that prevent them from using magical items in that slot?

  3. And lastly, if the party is captured and disarmed, how is it determined if the “hidden” weapons are discovered?

Right now, my Assassin Rosette has throwing blades disguised as hair pins. Here are my thoughts:

  1. Currently, they take up her head slot instead of her weapon slot.

  2. This is really my biggest question. With the blades taking up her head slot, is she prevented from using magic items in that slot? For example, can she not use a magic circlet as well as have blades in her hair as pins? (This has always been an issue for me. Like not being able to wear a helmet and a mask at the same time, or gloves and two rings. Just wondering if this is the same with “disguised” items, such as throwing blades.)

  3. My thought here is that, if someone were to try to take her weapons, we would do a Manipulator vs. the opponent’s Scout to determine if they realize they are weapons. (Possibly with a tool bonus for the weapons? Or would it be a benefit of the weapons that they can be disguised at all?)

Just curious how you guys are handling this or how it was meant to be handled by the devs.

I always wanted a face slot for goggles, masks, etc. I think the boys shut down my brilliant addition to the game.


  1. No, that’s one of the benefits of disguised throwing blades.
  2. Sometimes; use your judgment. Hair pins and a circlet would be fine. But no magic hair pins!
  3. Disguised weapons are disguised, so they avoid casual inspection. For capture, make it based on the compromise. Minor compromise? They only take obvious weapons, maybe spellbooks if they understand how magic works. Also consider the captors—lizardmen aren’t going to find shit. The assassin’s guild will find that stuff easy.

Here’s an easy solution (and one that handles the, “Well why NOT disguise throwing blades?” question). Disguised throwing blades take up your Raiment description. So, either disguised personal affects OR inventory slots.

Interesting ideas. Thanks for the input.