Anyone have all the sample PCs from the book on proper character sheets

Hey all,

I’ve volunteered to run a couple MG sessions this weekend at the Air Force Academy for the poor bastard cadets who can’t get a weekend pass for Halloween.

In the interests of speed, I’d like to use the pregens from the book, but I’d ALSO like them on proper character sheets, which (to the best of my knowledge) only the “main four” mice are.

Am I wrong? Has some diligent soul filled out sheets for the other mice in the book? I’m slammed all this week, so I’m hoping to save myself some pain, time and effort.


they are all here on the mouseguard wiki

Unless I’m missing something, that’s just Kenzie, Lieam, Sadie, and Saxon, right? The “main four” I mentioned above?

I’m looking for sheets on the other guys like Thom and Sloan and Baron, from the pregen missions in the back of the book.

I think that’s a fine idea there Doyce.

Sadly I don’t have time this week to do the character sheets to meet your weekend deadline. However, unless someone else jumps in I’ll do the sheets at the weekend and stick a link to the download on the wiki.


I’d be interested in this and have no deadline so . . . yes, please?

Wow, I’d love this too! I’m eager to run the game with more new players and this would help a lot.

You can download the characters for the extra sample missions here.

I’ll stick a link up on the wiki shortly. (I’ll take the link down if it’s not kosher.)


Awesome, awesome job, Pete. Thanks!