AP: Hose

We just started a TB campaign. 4 players plus me GMing. Character creation took a while then we played a few turns and a camp.

NPCs of the remote village of Hose: “There are monsters and treasure in this deep hole.”

Party throws a torch down the hole. Yep, it’s deep.

Adventurer: “I climb down with this grappling hook and rope and spikes.”

Magician: “It’s dark to go alone, take this.” Fireflies, succeeds Arcanist Ob 2.

Adventurer fails Dungeoneer Ob 3 and twist slides down the rest of the way to find himself alone at the bottom of a very deep vertical tunnel with a monster approaching him from one of the two directions. Also climbing took all of his iron spikes.

Party: “We’ll save you!” succeeding Dungeoneering Ob 5. Firefly reveals gigantic mandibles. Magician’s instinct lets him light another (now sufficient) torch before an attack.

Adventurer: “We don’t know what this is at all. I shoot it in the head with my crossbow.”

They’re not trying to drive it off or run. Kill kill kill. Because why not. Turns out it’s a Might 4 giant ant lion. Magician and Burglar are down. Cleric brings back Burglar with 1 Defend MoS E1A3 because Magician is useless in a fight and they don’t want him taking an action. Ant lion spews rocks Attack versus Attack E2A2 and since its spew rocks weapon is ranged the party is saved from a mutual kill but now only the Cleric is up. E2A3 the Cleric pulls off Feint versus Maneuver, just barely winning with a shield bash.

(Then I realize that the whole table forgot about armor. Both sides had some.)

Major compromise: I decided not to kill anyone. The deep vertical tunnel and the other direction is collapsed, they’re at the beginning of the dungeon without a way to get back to town, and the Adventurer lost his grappling hook, rope, and spikes. On the bright side they have a fairly secure camp spot.

Party: “We have no checks.”

Cleric: “My overly broad instinct lets me map without a turn. Hopefully I don’t fail, if we camp now we keep Fresh.” Succeeds Cartographer Ob 1 with hindrance.

Safe camp just involves building minor fortifications, successful Survivalist Ob 2. Next time camping here will get +1. Burglar is sad no one needs a meal.

They are all fresh, I’m sure it will be fine.

Rewards: step one, realize we completely forgot about Goals. Except the Magician: “Get the dungeon”. Step two, Burglar gets nothing and everyone else gets some some Fate and Persona. Cleric MVP, Adventurer Workhorse, Magician Embodiment.

Great story. How are they still fresh?!