Applying conditions twice?

I am going to have another go at the game tonight.

If a character attempts a test, and the condition for failing is Angry, and they are already angry.
Do they essentially get a free fail?
Are you suppose to use a twist instead in this case?
Are you suppose to ALWAYS give the character a worse condition?
My first (and only session) I think I used the latter suggestion.
Every failed test, applied a worse condition (like the grind).
Is this how it is intended to work?

Going to be running Skogenby tonight with a new group.

Would like to get a bi-weekly game of TB going. However I am not too hopeful.
I’ll likely try my luck online if this session fails.

Hi firevisor,

You cannot have the same condition twice. If a character is already angry and the GM applies the angry condition as the result of a failed test, the character does not gain an additional condition. See Multiple Conditions on page 78.

You should not always give the character a worse condition. If you decide to give a condition as the result of a failed test, give the condition that makes sense given the fiction. If the character already has that condition, they got lucky.

You should not apply a condition as the result of every failed test. It is important to sometimes give conditions and sometimes give twists. If you only give conditions, it will feel like you are grinding their faces into the dirt. If you only give twists, it will feel like they can’t accomplish anything and can’t get anywhere.

Remember that all the failure results listed in Skogenby are suggestions. You can and should choose conditions or twists that are more appropriate/exciting given what’s going on in the game.