Are Disposition Rolls Considered Skill Checks For All Conditions?

We understand that you don’t get passes and fails for Disposition checks. But do conditions that effect skill tests effect Disposition rolls?

For example:

Hungry and Thirsty and Angry are obvious. No questions here.

Afraid means you can’t help, but is contributing to the Disposition roll considered helping?

Exhausted is a “factor for all tests”, but there is no Ob for a Disposition roll. Is it -1s or no effect?

Injured and Sick cause -1D to all skill tests. Is Disposition considered a skill test?

(Exhausted, Injured and Sick are obviously the conditions we are actually questioning.)

I’m pretty sure everything counts, somebody can correct me if i’m wrong, but that’s how we’ve played it at our table so far. Rules for help apply as for a normal skill roll. Exhausted is still a factor, so basically, your roll is against a Ob1. And you roll less dice (-1D) if your injured or sick.

That’s pretty much how we’ve played it too, but the question came up this past session and I’m just looking for clarification. (Though technically, with Exhausted, its -1s, not raising the Ob to 1. If that was the case, then you could have and “successful roll”). And, if I remember correctly, Sick and Injured effect the roll if you’re the conflict captain only?

If you’re Afraid, you can make the disposition roll, but you can’t contribute a die if someone else makes the disposition roll.

If you’re Exhausted, and you’re making the disposition roll, you remove one success after the roll. No effect if you’re helping someone else.

If you’re injured and/or sick, and you’re making the disposition roll, you remove 1 die per condition you have before rolling. No effect if you’re helping someone else.