Armor mechanics

I’m a little confused about the armor mechanics.

“Like armor, chainmail subtracts -1s from opponent’s successful or tied Attack or Feint in a fight” (p. 38 ).

Is armor and helmet automatically used in the case of an opponent’s successful or tied Attack or Feint? Or do I have a choice whether or not to use my armor to protect me?

It sounds like it’s something that’s automatically used and that the benefit of armor for a player character is that, if a monster’s Attack is a tie and the armor subtracts -1s, the monster loses. Even though the armor may be subsequently “consumed,” it is still worth wearing it since it could turn any successful attack into a failed one, at least once. Is this right?

Your question might not be clear for me but i’ll try to answer it.

It is your call to use your helmet and armor or not. The leather armor works only once per kill, drive-off, capture conflicts, but, may not be destroyed (at least not as the chain or plate).
Chain and Plate can be used as long as it is not destroyed in a conflict.
When you decide to use your helmet, it is automatically destroyed. As all armor, it can be repaired by an armorer.

Hope it helps


I get that the armor can be used again if it is not damaged in a conflict.

But as for when it is used, the rule says, “Like all armor, chainmail subtracts -1s from opponent’s successful or tied Attack or Feint in a fight” (p. 38 ). It doesn’t say “Like all armor, chainmail can subtract -1s… if you choose to do so.”

This leads me to believe that armor is automatically used the first time an opponent success or tie is rolled and that the player does not choose when to apply the armor (or helmet) benefit.

I don’t know if sometimes i get mix-up with the BW rules but, it could make sense in the fiction for the player not to use is armor…

The helmet is 100% optional for the player’s to use it, the armor work the same if you want…

Maybe i am wrong on this but this is how it sounds for me.


Helmets are optional. Armor is not.