Artha as Reward / GM Artha

Hey guys,

So, I’m trying to get my players to write our session synopses on Obsidian Portal. After all, it takes some time and I’m budy trying to brainstorm the next part of the story. I already told them I would reward them with a Fate point each if they made a sizeable contributions to the log, but this hasn’t spurred much participation.

I was thinking of telling them that those Fate points are up for grabs for WHOEVER writes them with myself (the GM) very much so included. I thought maye this would help, but I also sort of think this is something Luke would make an angry goblin face about. Thoughts?

Luke’s angry goblin faces are reality’s way of giving you a fate point.

One fate here and there isn’t going to be a huge issue (though if it’s consistently one player doing the logs, that’s not so cool.) However, artha attaches only to characters, not to players. How would you decide which NPC gets the artha when you do the log?

I would hope it’s whichever one would make their lives most difficult…er, I mean “interesting”.

Thanks, guys. I was planning on giving the artha to the Big Bad. I’ll warn them ahead of time, of course, so they know before they confront her that she has earned some through me.

I was actually thinking about the same thing, but would probably reward all the characters for it if they made a contribution per session. Fate bloat has been a problem in other games though(without any such reward mechanic) so I don’t know if that is a good way to reward them. A week of practice? No I think a little extra luck would be more fitting, will try it out too see how it works.

One way to incentivize (sp?) writing a summary of the previous session, that we’ve used, was to award that player with Workhorse (ie. a Persona) for that session. It’s a hefty reward, sure, but it’s also a fair recognition of taking notes during the session and spending 15-30 minutes writing up a summary.

That’s a good idea, Alexander. And our summaries tend to be somewhat hefty. It usually takes me about an hour to write them. Granted, our sessions tend to be pretty long (8 or 9 hours on average).

I’m probably going to give out 1 fate per summary/blog and a persona every third(instead of fate) to avoid dilution(/too many of one kind in the game).

Eh, I’ve tried this, and I still get only one person adding to our game wiki, most of the time. Some people enjoy editing wikis, some don’t. I wouldn’t recommend forcing them, although I do understand how nice it is to have everything organized online.

As for GM Artha, my players never want to award me any! I generally give most of my NPCs a single Fate point though, so I don’t blame them for not wanting me to have access to more.

As a related question, what wiki do you use? I usually make wikis for my games, I was curious what wiki site you put things up on, as I’d love to know if there are better options than the one I use (Wikispaces).

I set up a custom wiki on Wikidot. It takes a bit of computer knowledge to get it looking nice, but it’s a great way to keep all my group’s campaigns consolidated in one place. Wikidot’s free too, and very customizable.