Artha Awards: Mutual Exclusivity?

So, this is probably a dumb question, given how long I’ve been playing this game, but this came up in a recent session, so I wanted to see if there was a consensus: are the Fate award for pushing the game forward with a Belief and the Persona award for personal goals mutually exclusive?

I’ve always ruled that they were - if you pursued but didn’t complete a Belief, you get Fate. If you complete it, you get Persona instead. But one of my players’ other group rules that completing a Belief nets both a Persona and a Fate. I’m fine with it either way, I was just wondering what everyone else does.

Generally the Fate is reserved for pushing the Belief forward but not completing it–they’re mutually exclusive. You can earn Fate and Persona for a Belief in different sessions, though.

I normally award Fate as it comes up in play, and Persona at the end of the session if a belief’s been completed. I know BWHQ advice is generally that they’re incompatible, though.

In that case, would you allow them multiple Fate for a Belief if it came up multiple times in a session? (That’s not a leading question, by the way, I’m genuinely curious.)

They are mutually exclusive. You’ve been playing it correctly.

Probably not, no. I’ve yet to have a situation where a belief has been pursued multiple, separate times in the one session; it’s either the focus of the entire session or only a few scenes of spotlight.

Awesome. Thanks, everyone!