Assassins and the Ritualist Skill

Well, we had a rough go of it last session. We lost an argument with an angry black dragon and four of the five members of our party did not survive the aftermath. So, I’m creating a new character. I’m going with the Assassin from the Wanderers expansion and we were wondering exactly why the Assassin has the Ritualist skill. With no access to spells or prayers, the only option for the skill is performing weddings and funerals or aiding another Ritualist. Pretty useless for an assassin. I was thinking about using it for self-healing meditation, but that’s probably pushing the mechanics quite a bit. Any thoughts or suggestions?

Many historic assassin organizations had religious or at least ritualistic overtones. And you forgot one incredibly important thing. Scrolls. An assassin with the ritualism skill can cast divine scrolls. Which could be helpful to supplement or possibly replace a cleric (if you can get your hands on a ready supply of divine scrolls).

Patience, young Jedi. All will be revealed.

I understand the religious and ritualistic overtones of the historic assassin. Thus my attempt at using the skill as a basis for meditation. However, according to p50 of the TB book, concerning the use of scrolls:

"However, the cleric must be capable of performing a prayer of that circle.

A Ritualist must be capable of performing second cirlce prayers in order to use a scroll of Evocation of the Lords of Battle."

As an Assassin, my character is not capable of performing such spells so she is not capable of using the scrolls.

Now, Mr. Sorensen, you have peaked my interest. I will continue in my quest for Ritualistic knowledge for my Assassin.

Ahhhhh, didn’t catch that, I stand corrected.

You can still help the cleric (which can be a life saver) spells, Banish and such.

After some sessions of play you’ll discover there’s no such thing as an useless skill.

Stay cool :cool:

Being an assassin who performs funerals is hilariously appropriate — also a veritable mine for advancing Ritualist (which will come in handy later).

Ok, here’s another question about the Assassin, though it concerns and darkness instead of the Ritualist skill: At 5th Level, an Assassin can engage in Kill and Drive Off conflicts in total darkness. However, if said Assassin were to engage another human who did not have this ability, the target cannot engage in such a conflict. How would he act? Would it be a normal conflict? Would he suffer penalties as if he were in dim light? (counts as a factor?) or double for total darkness? (counts as two factors?). Just curious. It will be a while before I’m that far anyway.

Darkness is a factor (page 62, main book). Its main purpose is to deny characters the ability to make tests/engage in conflicts.

If an assassin strikes from the shadows, look out. You could plead for your life (argue) or try and escape (flee) or maybe engage in a test of riddles (yeah, right that’ll work).

Hehe, yes. That was my first thought as well.

“We are gathered here today, brothers and sisters, to lay to rest our beloved friend Cogsbottom Brandygirth, who ahem perished most unfortunately a week past. It is a great sorrow that we feel at his passing, and though he may have gone on to some better life, he is a void in our hearts that cannot be replaced.”

That’s if my character is attacked by an assassin. If so, I understand she should be scared. But, when/if my assassin reaches 5th level and gains that ability, how do we handle her attacking a non-assassin? Are my target’s only options to flee, argue or riddle? If, for whatever reasons, fleeing, arguing and riddling are not/no longer options, how is the kill conflict handled? For that matter, in your above example, what if I lose the flee/argument/riddle conflict and the assassin still wants to kill me? How is that handled? (Sorry if I sound like I’m hounding you. Just looking for clarification. Neither myself nor my GM are clear on this.)

I have a feeling Asymmetric Conflict Goals applies here somehow. The GM always chooses a conflict based on the player’s intention, so if your intention is to kill, I assume it’s a kill conflict. If your target is incapable of engaging in a kill conflict I’m guessing that just means that even if they win the best they can accomplish is to flee, you live to stalk the night another time. Basically, a significantly reduced risk kill conflict? That’s how my reading of the rules would go. As for factors… I would probably make it a factor just like dim light, I think not being able to kill back is a bad enough downside as it gives the assassin a huge advantage in their scripting.

Yeah, a target who wins the kill conflict would be able to flee. Or light a torch and turn the tables on the assassin.

Thanks. That makes sense to me. I’ll make my GM aware of this (some time in the next four levels…)

On a note relating to the original question about the Ritualist skill: we played our first session with the new characters tonight and Rosette (my assassin) already has two Ritualist successes. (One of which she blew out of the water and which, in part, earned her MVP of the night). It was a much better session than last time…

Cool. I’m now aware of three Torchbearer games using the Wanderers (assassin, monk and barbarian). Hoping to get Outcasts out with a month or two, then a very special surprise!

Just to let you know, we are using the wanderers to in my group, one of my player tried the Strider after the death of is first character. :slight_smile:

Along with my assassin, we also have a strider among our four new characters. So, we’ll have experience for two classes from this group.

Mr. Sorensen, I patiently waited for the new expansions that would explain levels 6-10. Much to my delight, I recieved an email today promising just that. Then how disappointed I was to see that the Wanderers classes were not included. Now, i (less) patiently wait for an addendum to this expansion adding Assassins, Monks and Striders. No hurry…we’re still only at levels 2-3, but I do look forward to them. (I’m assuming that the Assassin Ritualist ability will be something similar to the Thief L8 Dilettante ability, but I waitpTiently to see it officially).

Do not be Afraid or Angry, the six Wanderers and the six Outcasts will be in that expansion (levels 1-10).

Because you’ve been so patient…
SPOILER TEXT: As the Assassins venerate the Immortal Lords of Death and Darkness, they may choose to invoke some clerical prayers at levels 6+.

Much thanks. Gives me something to look forward to. (Assuming, of course, that the character lives that long…)