Assassin's Creed hack

I’m a fan of the Assassin’s Creed series and was wondering if some sort of Mouse Gaurd-Assassin’s Creed hack could be played. I have nowhere CLOSE to the skills to create it, but if another fan does, i think it could work. The missions would be subtler, (assassinations, intelligence gathering, people manipulating, etc.) but could be all out fights as well. Also, most of the needed things are already there. Cooperative play, main enemies (templars) and other enemies (could be anyone doing bad stuff, really) and a lot of the skills could be the same too. I think it should still be mice, just part of the assassin brotherhood, but again, this is just a suggestion. Other than that, it seems like it would be name-changing, trait adding, trait subtracting, trait multiplication, sorry I’m doing math, and mission creating.

If anyone thinks they could do it, I’d love to see it, well, done.

I haven’t played the AC series myself, so it’s possible I’m jumping to conclusions, but there are possibly some structural differences in terms of ‘story style’ that make this trickier than it looks. MG is built around the assumption of some kind of centralised-authority/open-organisation that sends people out on largely altruistic missions through the wilderness, but where laudable goals can conflict with personal loyalties or ethics. Assassins-for-hire working in secret has a different tone, and that could mandate serious changes to the recruitment process, mission structure, etc. I mean, sure both games have some kind of external enemy, but by itself that doesn’t make for cool stories. I dunno- maybe the Brotherhood could be adapted to the purpose? Is there anyone more familiar with the games that could comment on this?

In the AC series, the Assassins are a group of organized assassins who serve good through “bad”. it isn’t assassin’s for hire. They fight against the Templars, who are trying to take over the world. There is a leader of the Assassins and everything.

I suppose that ‘fits’ a bit better, but again, I don’t really know much about the series myself. Would crafting skills come up much? Is there a mentor/apprentice system of some kind? Is weather, the seasons, and long-distance travel important? How would you adapt the Nature attribute?

I mean, the core conflict mechanics, skill progression, and use of twists/conditions of some sort could be applied to just about any setting, but in some cases the amount of adaptation required would be tantamount to an entirely new game. (That said, there’s a fairly involved Star Wars hack underway hereabouts, and that also seems to be pretty different from the MG source material, so I could be completely wrong…)

Well i don’t know if those were hypothetical questions or not, but i’m gonna answer them anyway.

As of crafting skills, I think it fits almost perfectly. You could get gear to start with (and use resources to get it again) but you could also make it during missions.

There IS a mentor-apprentice sysetem although it is not very fleshed out in AC. In the newest game, you train Assassin recruits as well as be your own Assassin, and in the earlier ones, you are trained by your uncle. That would have to be taken to a new level.

Weather, not so much in AC but it could be easily altered to make it important ! especially since a fallen log is such a bigger deal to a mouse than a man, definately it could be.

Seasons could be incorporated into what i just said as well

Long distance travel is important, you have to travel all around doing various assignments

I don’t even know if Nature even needs to be adapted that much. You can still scurry, hide, and forage in that kind of a setting, right?

‘Rhetorical’, maybe? No, I’m perfectly serious.

I might just be inclined to replace Nature with something to represent ‘ethics’ or, heck, ‘creed’- something to make the character’s life more complicated, since it can only be used for highly specific things that sometimes run counter to your main goals. I take it there’s a certain ‘honour code’ these dudes are meant to abide by?

I think the problem is with adapting weather/wilderness/animals/mice as standard hazards. Aside from the templars, there aren’t any ‘wandering monsters’ that can pop in uninvited. From what I gather, AC is mostly focused on large urban areas, so travel/tracking through the unmarked wilderness isn’t a big feature. Maybe there’s a chance of getting mugged-by-bandits/accosted-by-authorities when you’re stalking the streets? Maybe weather mainly affects how easy it is to hide, track quarry, or how crowded the streets would be?

I’m still a little skeptical about crafting, but you could leave that out entirely. Also- if you’re changing things to resemble AC, why not just have them as humans?

Beyond that… I guess all I can say is that, if you can get a group together to playtest it, then sure- knock yourself out. There’s a mentor/apprentice/party system, so, cool, yeah, I guess that’s adaptable.

Yeah, there’s a code… Sorta. The code is kinda that there is no code. The assassins always say “nothing is true, everything is permitted, we work in the dark to preserve the light.”

I would keep them mice because like I said, a fallen log to a human? no biggie. to a mouse? that’s a problem.

It is set in cities, although it could happen in wilderness as well. In one scene in AC, the main character is traveling to another town when he is ambushed by a Templar and his posse.

By spending a little more time in the wilderness between cities animals and wilderness and weather can matter again, I think. Besides the Templars, the other mice problems could be anything. A mouse threatening a family for money, or whatever.

I was doing a bit of reading here, and while I’m late to the game, I think I have a bit to add.

Seasons and the weather don’t seem like they would be big players in Assassin’s Creed, like you’ve said, a fallen log isn’t exactly a big deal… And rain or shine, the city continues to function.

Political, cultural, and emotional climate seem like they’d be far more important in a game of this sort. Events like riots, heavier guard patrols, corrupt guards agitating the people… All of these seems like things that could replace the weather conditions.

So, I’d suggest that sort of thing as a replacement for weather - At least in appropriate situations. Maybe even have that, AND weather in play… Each coming up in appropriate circumstances.

I think I may use this as an idea for an antagonist group in Mouse Guard. A shadow oragnization of mice who use assasinations and sabotage to punish those they deem unlawful/dangerous to the territories. The Guard will not approve of there methods and will be obliged to expose and arrest them when they can. Might even try to create a few new weapons for them. You could even play as them as an alternate to the Guard. There missions would be fairly similar and would fit into the system pretty well. Just be a darker side to the same game.