Available on Amazon

Anyone know if or when the RPG book will be available on Amazon? I believe someone has ordered it for me as a gift.


If anybody has an answer that would be great because I have the same question. I ordered it as a gift (along with the hardback graphic novel) and it says that the game won’t arrive before Xmas, which is fine in my case, but if we’re talking weeks or months, I need to cancel and place the order through IPR.

Amazon.co.uk says the book will not be available to them before April 2009. I have a pre-order there :frowning:

On Amazon.ca (Candian version) they have the normal publisher which is sold out and a second publisher which shows available.

You’re probably going to have to ask ASP about that. Street date is supposedly Dec 24th in the US.

IPR says it ships the 18th, so hopefully they will arrive by the 24th. I hope so, anyway. Would make an awesome Xmas present for myself.

OK, couldn’t wait - cancelled the Amazon order and preordered at IPR. :slight_smile:

I think you’ll be happy–there are some cool extras included for people who pre-order from IPR.

And to be honest, it’s worth pre-ordering through IPR just for the PDF.

Yes, but with the current shitty British pound I’m basically paying for three books at Amazon’s price.
Not that I’m complaining.

Your currency’s stronger than ours.

Anyway, I heard word from the publisher that the books are in the states. They are transhipping to various warehouses.

Good news, can’t wait - And I certainly couldn’t wait for the Amazon delivery date. But just to compare, Amazon sells MG at £12.99 a shot, about $20 at the moment, and that includes shipping.

I’m paying $53 for one book from IPR. But hey, I want that book now, right?

Sweet. Thanks for the info Luke.

Yep, the strong pound is a killer. I have certainly decreased the amount I buy from IPR as it was becoming silly. It really is only the stuff I really, really want that will get me to pay over the odds. Still, it’s saving me a small fortune.

Just a word of advice on Amazon… several “preorders” jumped in price before being available; they allowed backing out (actually, they CANCELLED the prior pre-orders, and reentered the item at new cost, letting people re-preorder it).

I’ve just been informed that my gift order from Amazon is on the way. Guess they managed to get early copies too.

do not want to appear a smart arse and just to give some context…

the pound is currently weak v the dollar, today quoted at about 1.46 U$/GBP this significantly lower than the avg of last 5 years (around 1.85ish) but really down from a high of about 2.05U$/GBP (or 30%) in the summer at that exchange rate I ordered reams of books from the US, now its cheaper from here again

on the note, the euro has improved v pound and also v dollar, so if you are euro based you might want to consider ordered in UK (or US), for the first time in a long time many items are now cheaper in the UK