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I asked a similar question a while back about if Forged Lord gave you direct access to the Anvil/Hammer Lord lifepaths. Answer: No. All good.

But the Forged Lord trait gives you “access” to the Anvil/Hammer traits (and all of their associated circles-goodness). What does that mean?

  1. My Forged Lord could buy those traits for 5 points a piece of course (that’s a sort of access, I guess, but no need to spell it out since everyone has that kind of access).

  2. Maybe he can buy them at 1 point a piece, access meaning he can buy them as if they were on his lifepath, even though they aren’t? Why not just put them on the lifepath if that’s the case?

  3. Or maybe it means he gets the associated circles-goodness of those two traits because he’s forged, meaning Forged Lord is a mashed-together combination of the Anvil and Hammer traits with its own extra flavor thrown in?

Thx in advance,


And the answer is…


It’s good to be king.

Sorry for the confusion.

Thanks! Our local forged lord player is going to be very happy :slight_smile:


Yeah, being the Forged Lord is awesome. As far as I can tell, you can generally circle up someone in your command hierarchy who you outrank and have access to whatever specialists that they would be able to get via circles. So an anvil lord can have a full honor guard show up by circling up the squad CO, and the Forged Lord can get someone from any walk of Burning Empires military service by delegating the taskto one of his subordinates.

And of course, since everyone you’ll need is of lower rank – and therefore of higher Ob to Circle up – the odds of ending up with someone who wants to screw you over are sky-high!

Forged Lord? No thanks! :smiley:


Paul, you disappoint me sometimes.

Circle up your XO first.

Yeah, well…my XOs tend to end up dead a lot. Next time, it’s the XO who gets the full bodyguard complement + multiple clones in reserve.