Background Music...

My players love having background music at the table. (Probably everyone does, really.) So I thought it might be cool to share some of the titles of music that might go with Mouse Guard.

Here are some titles…
[li]Battlestar Galactica (The redux TV show: Seasons 1-3. A few tracks need to be omitted, but by and large it actually has a good fanatasy sound to it despite being sci-fi orienied.)
[/li][li]The Chronicles of Narnia
[/li][li]Harry Potter
[/li][li]Lord of the Rings

Any thougths…

Myself, I listen to Andy Mckee as I read the RPG book and plot games. A solo accoustic guitar doing some very amazing music just seems quite fitting. The rapid nature of the plucking and strumming makes you think of scurrying mice, and the tone of the music can put you in many different moods, fitting to seasons or events.

One of his songs: ‘Practice is Perfect’ goes through all of the seasons and a few storms, includes happy times and times of difficulty… to my ears, anyways.

Another one; Art of Motion makes a good track to listen to for a hurried chase across hills and cliffs.

His Ebon Coast is quite perfect for anything having to do near the ocean.

This may sound odd but I think some good soundtracks might be those from Disney movies, such as Beauty & the Beast, Hercules, etc. From what I recall, there are some good instrumentals which may set the tone nicely. (Just trying to think a bit outside the box here…)

The Secret of Nymh would be a good one, also. (Just watched that not too long ago.)

(emphasis mine)

Every group I’ve ever played in or run for has outright rejected the idea of music at the table.

In part, because I have a discrimination loss in the lower female range from years of standing in front of the Alto section, another couple have notable hearing losses, and in part because many of my players are ADHD.

Music during game I’m in is a quick way of saying “Wil doesn’t need to understand what’s being said.”

Music just before or just after, sure. I’ve often used music prior to game to set a mood.

I’m not a fan of music during games, either, but let’s do FCW a favor here and not turn this thread into a debate on it.

To the original topic, you can probably find lots of “nature sounds” CDs at your local library.

I love music during games.

Here’s what I’ve been listening to for years:

Mozart’s Requiem - Epic.
Gladiator Soundtrack - action and moody
Peter Gabriel, Passions - moody

I also like to listen to rock/metal.
Zeppelin always gets me in the mood to play elves.
I love rolling the dice with Motorhead.
Metallica to accompany that feeling in the pit of my stomach when I have to make an important roll.


A bit off topic sorry but you reminded me that way (way way) back in the day when I was painting minis I was also getting into the Beatles. Some of their slower melodic stuff still makes me feel like I’m inside a Larry Elmore painting when I hear it.

Music can be great for evoking mood, but yeh +1 for not during the game. Unless it’s to evoke something for a specific scene, more like sfx.

Stormsweeper, nature sounds, for MG - genius.

I have always used music in my games and it has ALWAYS helped to enhance and enforce the story and the drama that takes place in my games.

I use a lot of epic scores as well as celtic music. Ambient stuff works well too and even nature CD’s are used. I am also looking to incorporate sound effects into my game(s) and see how it goes over. If it works so be it and if not then no big deal.

But I think music when kept at a low volume can only help the game rather than distract. One easy way to do that is to try and stay away from music that has a lot of vocals in it. Instrumentals are better.

I’ll second Peter Gabriel’s soundtrack to Passions being awesome in general for RPGs, though I dont see it for this one. Nature sounds I think would be a lot more fitting. Can anyone recommend a CD more specifically? Preferably one that includes day, night, beach, cave, etc.