Barbarian questions

A few quick questions about the Barbarian:

[li]L5 Superstitious: Does the folk charm take up a slot in inventory?
[/li][li]L5 Inner Fire: and L10 Rage: If I have both abilities, am I still allowed to swap Afraid for Angry (as per L5 Inner Fire), then ignore some of the effect of Angry (as per Rage)? Or, am I instead considered to already have the Angry condition and Inner Fire is negated by Rage?
[/li][li]L8 Vengeance: Similarly, does Rage cancel out Vengeance? (Because I am “taking” the condition instead of being “given” the condition.)
[/li][li]Hide Armor: Lastly, is Hide only usable once per conflict, like Leather? (It doesn’t specify.)

  1. Yep (usually neck). If you make the charm in camp and then use it for the ritual, you would just be holding it until the ritual was completed.
  2. You’re angry all the time so you can no longer use Inner Fire. If you are already angry, you are vulnerable to becoming afraid.
  3. You can use Vengeance. You just wouldn’t take angry again or mark a lesser condition.
  4. Yeah, it’s just beefier, bulkier version of leather.

Thank you, sir.