basic question

Hello everyone.

I’m new on this forum. I still don’t have any books to this system, but I am really interested in.

I was reading some articles about this game, and I have also
question after that. Hope you will be patient, reading it :slight_smile:

I know that this game have many original ideas, for example that
not only GM, but also players are describing how world is looking.
Let’s take a example:
Players are in new city, GM is describing how this city looks, how
people looks, but when he finish, and ask players “what are you guys
doing?” they can for example said, that they are going to tavern which
name is “{tavern name}”, and looks like “{describing}”, am I correct
that they can do this? And now if they can, when GM can interact with
them, and said, ok “but this is not wooden tavern, but it’s made in

Since this is in the BE forum, I assume vasquez was asking about Burning Empires, in which players can create a new game fact in color scenes, just by “saying” it (specifically, technology, but also broader aspects of the “world” can be introduced).


Hah, it’s the BE forum! Serves me right!

Listen to Chris, he’s wiser than us all.

It’s also a forum entitled “General Questions”, though.


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General questions about Burning Empires go here.



during the end of the infiltation/usurp/invasion phases everyone has a certain amount of narration power based on how well they won or lost the phase

it’s not broad and freeform though: the details need to conform to what’s been agreed upon during world burning and the action that transpires in the game…it’s also limited by the degree of the win or loss

I think some people get really excited with the “Say Yes or Roll the Dice” admonition and run with it.

It’s a great idea and I’ve taken it to heart while running a game: think carefully about what the real, big, important conflict is and push for that. Let the other stuff go.

Also, adding color to a game is encouraged as long as it doesn’t contradict earlier established ideas.