BE 1st Perception Aiding Skill. Gone from BWG?

I got my hands on a Burning Wheel 1st edition PDF. I read the book and thought that the system was interesting, so I went down and purchased the BWG book. I have read most of the book since then. In the first edition of the book I believe there was mention of needing a skill similar to Armor Training to make Perception tests to notice certain things (I am foggy on the details of it all). I did not notice that in BWG and was wondering if I had missed it, it had been changed in nature, or it had been removed?

A character of my wife’s from a previous game I had said would have that skill when I read the 1st ed rules, so now that I am burning characters I went looking and found that I had seemed to not know what to look for in BWG.

Thanks much.

In Classic that skill was Observation Training. In BWR and BWG, it’s a skill in its own right called Observation.