Becoming a Lord – Thinking about resources

You could also alter his LPs and use your prodigious general points to represent what your character’s father taught him.

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You’ve gone from a scout, to a knight to being granted land. As far as all the Old Blood families are concerned, you are at best, “The fastest kid on the block”. The 2D affiliation means you’ve got a lot of power, but you’re untested, and no one really knows how well you’ll handle. Not only that, given your LPs, you’re probably better suited for combat than peacetime rule and the political games that also calls for, so you’ll probably earn some reputations, probably unflattering ones, quickly.

Also- you don’t need to maintain a full army- you’ve got a castle and the general guard in it. When you need an army, you call upon your Circles and Affiliation get the bannerets below you and allied lords to provide knights and armed soldiers, and then you conscript the the rest as needed.

It’s not that the system supports impoverished lords, it’s just all the stinking rich lords don’t get all the useful skills you’d want for adventure- they pay other people to do that so they can continue to live in luxury.