Block in Fight!

Hey all, rules clarification question here. This question arose when looking at how a great strike and a block action interact, but i think goes towards scripting the block action vs any actions that requires multiple actions to complete. So lets say for the sake of the argument you have two fighters, F1 and F2. Due to their reflexes, F1 can script two actions in the first volley and F2 scripts only one. Lets say F1 decides to great strike and F2 decides to block. Now I know that the block action scripted by F2 will not reduces the number of successes F1 rolls for their great strike as the block occurs in the volley one action one time frame while the dice are rolled for the great strike during the volley one action two time frame. My question is does F2 get to roll his block action during the volley one action one time frame with the potential to have the “bonus” effects of block (+1d/+1ob/loss of next action)? If they do, would the base ob be 1ob?

F2 gets no test at all, as there is nothing to Block during his Action. You can’t Block the Set part of a Great Strike, which is effectively what the first action is. He hesitates on the 2nd action and takes an axe to the face.

Ouch…thats gotta hurt! Thanks for the answer Kubblai.

There is nothing sweeter than revealing that “Set” action to your player and seeing the fear on his face… :slight_smile:


At least now there isn’t any independent Set action so you can’t do things like Volley 3 Final Action:Set, Volley 1 Action 1: Feint (to get around the potential Counterstrike). I believe now a Volley 3 Final Action: Set requires follow-through on the next Exchange.