Bloodguard hack idea - MG for playing in the Land?

I’m a big fan of Stephen Donaldson’s Thomas Covenant books, and it occurred to me after reading my recently acquired copy of Mouse Guard that this could be the system for doing some RPing in the rich setting.

-For the “patrol” setup you might want to have one “Lord” player with the others as Haruchai - although Haruchai going on missions alone would be fine as well, they are most defined by their unflinching service to my mind.

-Conditions could want some redefining; changing Tired to Despairing would be very much in the theme of the stories, for example.

-For playing during the era of the second trilogy, the seasons could be changed for the phases of the Sunbane, perhaps.

I recognise this is just the barest bones of the start of an idea here, but I wanted to write something down before my mind wandered, and to see if anyone else was enthused by this concept as I was :slight_smile:

Very cool. I think it could work.