Bloody Versus in Torchbearer

Scripted combat seems to be the hardest sticking point for new players. Thoughts on adapting BWG’s Bloody Versus rules? Also, I suck at scripting (and paper, rock, scissors).

Calculate disposition the usual way, then just roll it like a versus test?

… Almost like scripting Attack/Defend three times.

Stay cool :cool:

I would use a regular versus test. Base the possible intents on the respective Might of the characters, and use context and/or the pre-existing conflict skills to determine what to roll.

Keep in mind that because Conflicts compress lots of smaller tests into one turn, they can be useful for many reasons, such as breaking ties to earn checks (which isn’t as disastrous in a Conflict as it is when it wastes a turn). They also let characters test a wide variety of skills. So there’s that.

Eliminating conflicts fouls up the advancement, rewards, checks and weapons rules. Seems like a lot of trouble to go through adjusting all of those elements just to play TB. Why not play something lighter like D&D?