Bobcat Stats

With all these mice running around, I decided I really wanted a bobcat, which Wikipedia and Michigan state hunting regulations (found on their website) inform me can be found in the area. Here’s my take on them, but comments and suggestions are welcome:


Bobcats are the smallest members of the lynx family, running from tan to grey-brown but covered with a camouflage pattern of dark spots. They have tall, pointed ears tipped with tufts of black fur and appear to have very wide faces due to the large amount of fur on either side of their jaws. Bobcats have short, spotted tails – as if “bobbed,” hence their name – and powerful hind legs longer than their forelegs, giving the wild cats a strange hobbling walk.

Though they prefer to hunt slightly larger animals such as rabbits, bobcats will certainly not pass up the opportunity to feast on unsuspecting mice. About twice the size of a domestic cat, bobcats are solitary hunters, often stalking groups of traveling mice before running up and pouncing.

Bobcat Nature 7
Predator, Climbing, Stalking, Pouncing

Bobcat Weapons
Retractable Claws – as spear. Pounce! – +1D to maneuver when the bobcat has spent time observing its prey.