Alright so I may not be able to get concrete answers to these questions, but I’m hoping to at least get a general consensus. I want to play a character with the bondsman lifepath, but I want to be indentured to another PC. How should I handle the skill selection in that case? Also, if I do have access to skills from one of that PCs lifepaths, how would I handle the skill appropriate weapons? Should I be bound to take the same weapons he does or could I choose my own appropriate weapon skill?

Hiya Bondsman.

For my take, I’d look at when you took the Bondsman lifepath and what the other PC was doing during that time. If they have two lifepaths during that time, choose one, or maybe repeat the Bondsman lifepath?

Whilst we haven’t had a Bondsman in any of our games, we often look back to “what was happening when” with different PC’s Lifepaths (eg: “So… we were both students at roughly the same time - I reckon I knew your tutor”).

As for Appropriate Weapons, that’s going to be setting-dependent. Personally, I’d normally default to having the Bondsman share the same Appropriate Weapons skill(s), but I’d have an eye to the culture (eg: “In our setting, only nobles can wield swords. Maybe you trained with a spear instead? Or maybe I’ve secretly taught you to wield a sword!”).