Box Set Availability?

Does anyone know if the box set is still available or is it out of print?

Most of the online retailers (amazon, etc) as well as itself seem to be out of stock.

I can find the basic rulebook, but the box set looks like it would be more fun. I’m looking to play this with my kids (around age 9).

It’s out of print. I hear Archaia will have the last 12 copies at NYCC.

Thanks for the info.

Is there any likelihood of it getting reprinted in the near future?

Edit: Actually never mind. I went ahead and bought a slightly overpriced copy of Amazon.

The convention does sound fun. Not sure I could make the trip, and I’m not sure how much I’d get out of it – I’m new to RPG gaming (well apart from some light D&D more than 20 years ago). It would be neat to see it though.

Whew! Glad I got my copy!

dayum. Didn’t know this. I would’ve bought the box at my FLGS before my self-imposed purchase ban if I had known.

Any intention to revise and reprint? Should I direct this query to Archaia?

Archaia is who you need to bug. A previous thread on this:!

Thanks, I even remember scanning that one and thinking, “Yay!”
(This was about the time I starting checking here again, saw BW Gold, and though, “Nooo!” because I have to find someone to play with before I can justify having a third copy of the rule! :wink: )

I’ll note that, if you have a decent color printer, the PDFs print nicely on US Legal sized using Acrobat’s “booklet printing” mode.

Aramis… Um… There are no legal PDFs of the Mouse Guard rules. Did you mis-post to the wrong thread or something?

But there are some speculators out there thinking that this first box edition is going to be collectible!

That’s not true. I think the original pre-order included a pdf. Maybe elsewhere. I don’t really remember at this point, except that I have the pdf and I wouldn’t have it if there hadn’t been a legit way to obtain it.

Just to be clear, the copy I bought was only slightly overpriced. I didn’t pay the $400 that some sellers were asking!

Watch Amazon’s New and Used section. As a lot of the pricing is done by bots it can fluctuate a lot. I got mine for just over market value a couple of months ago, and the price had changed three times in the day that I bought it.

The PDFs are readily available legally on (and its alternate name, So I’m actually rather miffed at being accused of piracy over it.

Plus, the pre-order also included the PDF.

Call around to B&N Stores. I think I saw a box set at one nearby in Westerfield, IN recently.


Yup. PDFs of both Mouse Guard and Burning Empires are available legally. It’s cool Aramis. The supplement from the boxed set is also available as a PDF: [" target="_blank"></a>"]](http://<a href="[url)

Dave Petersen just put a limited number of box sets (with signed books) available on his store.
Box sets
So for all those people looking to get the box set, here is a chance.

Sold out. But surely a second printing shall come one day…

Some day my prints will come? :slight_smile:

(I’ll get me hat and coat!)