Break Tie: Earns 2 Checks

I’m looking for quick clarification on this. (p. 260) It’s under Traits and Using Traits Against Yourself, but the text doesn’t mention using a trait like the other two sections above do (Impede and Hurt). It’s in the example, though (and, as I noted, in the Traits section).

So does breaking a versus test in your opponent’s favour need to be done via a reasonable application of a trait?

Whoa there, dude. You’re staring at one sentence and trying to puzzle out the whole rule. Page 259, Invoking the Negative Aspect, first paragraph. Also, page 260, second column, first paragraph, aka, the NEXT paragraph.


Hahaha! How the hell did three of us miss this when we were looking at it? Damn late nights.

Thanks, Luke. Adding 1 to my Moronometer.

This is a case of your real life Curious trait acting to hinder you. :wink: You are not a moron, you earned a Check to be used in the Player Phase of Life. lol